At Alistos Hotel we are really committed to our guests, our community & our environment. Now, more than ever before, we are trying to take an active role protecting our land, our country, our planet. Here there are some of our sustainable practices that work towards minimizing our environmental footprint & at the same time building a strong community around us:
  1. In-Room Practices

    Because our mission is to provide to our guests a unique experience of accommodation, we use certified organic linen & bed sheets of 100% cotton. On the other side we encourage our guests to “Make small changes that spark big Influence” That means that guests who don’t want their towels replaced, can hang them & those they want replaced can be left on the floor. Bed linens, with the consent of the guests, can be replaced after a couple of days.

    Our desire is to contribute towards a more sustainable, “plastic free”, travel experience, that’s why we always provide our guests with our personalized glass bottles of double-filtered water, instead of plastic disposable ones

    After all, our aim is to protect our natural heritage. This is the reason why Alistos Hotel with its guestrooms is built following sustainable architecture practices, fully harmonized with its landscape & its special local character. Our guestrooms, mainly built with natural building materials, have energy saving switches (keycard controlled) & all windows are double-glazed.

  2. In Restaurant and Kitchen Practices

    Our commitment is to reduce both food waste & the raw materials used to produce them. This is the reason why, we kindly ask our guests to pre-order their dinner by midday in order to have the freshest organic local products for an Alistos dining experience, that combines authentic flavours with respect for the environment. By sourcing our products locally & using our own production of extra virgin olive oil, we are offering to our guests, food of high nutritional value directly from production to consumption.

    At the same time, we ensure a high degree of recycling & minimization of waste, following a protocol of composting waste that help us apply an alternative model of gardening, avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides, further emphasizing the statement that the safety of our guests, our employees & the natural environment, is a top priority for us.

    Our objective is to make a positive difference in the world. Strolling around the Estate guests can find a plethora of endemic plants such as caper bushes, chamomile, samphire, laurels, wild fennel, different kinds of rosemary etc, that at every opportunity we are committed to preserve, plant & grow.

  3. General Practices

    Driven by a high sense of environmental awareness, we have chosen to use certified cleaners & chemicals with environmentally friendly specifications, regarding both their packaging & composition. This way we achieve a great balance of cleaning effectiveness all along with environmental protection. In the same spirit, we are extracting & rebottling the liquids from our amenity products & all the one-use plastic bathroom amenity products are collected & couriered to a specialised recycling facility. Recycling does also apply to towels & bed linens. Instead of throwing away holey or stained bed linens & towels, we use them as rags for cleaning guestrooms & common spaces.

    Acting constantly with precaution, we have adopted a proactive approach embedded throughout the daily operations of our hotel. We aim at reducing our environmental footprint by efficient energy use & maximum daylight utilization. This is the reason why we are shutting down the majority of our ambiance lights after midnight. At the same time, we keep adding solar lights throughout the Estate & we make use of our solar water heaters.

    Recognizing the value that water has, we use an electrolysis cleaning pool system. The water is purified without chlorine & at the same time the electrical consumption is low. There is no need for storage of flammable products & the result is a cleaner and healthier water, for both guests & nature.

    In the same spirit, we actively promote to our guests the hiking trails of the region for a greater understanding of the land’s beauty & treasures.

    In the end, all our efforts represent the promise to our guests, that, by choosing to stay in Alistos Hotel, they are helping to make a significant difference to the environment.

  4. Social Impact

    Our aspiration is to build. a better future for our people & the community around us. All together we can create a positive & lasting impact, for good.

    As previously mentioned, we follow a short food supply chain, meaning that we source local vendors.

    By supporting the local producers -consumers interaction & putting them into a more direct contact, we help the first ones generate revenue & strengthen the local economy. At the same time, by encouraging them to meet our level of environmental consciousness, our guests can enjoy high quality products which are the cornerstone to the “Alistos Experience”

    Having in mind to support our community in every aspect, we hire staff locally & we work together to deliver a consistently exceptional experience for our guests that generates at the same time further growth & reinvests once again money back to the community. In order to achieve this, at Alistos Hotel, we implement policies which encourage the training & development of our team, aiming at their continuous development at the hospitality industry. In the end, the employees, by reaching to their full potential, they will give back with a genuine heart.

    To conclude, with an increased sense of offering social prosperity & solidarity, we support Non-Profit Organizations, such as “Alma Zois”, the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer & Breast Cancer Survivors.

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