Never a dull moment!


Hikers from all over the world fall in love with Mani’s beautiful footpaths and spectacular landscape. We will be more than happy to provide you with a map of the region and draw on it the “must” spots to visit on foot.

Olive Harvesting

To make pure, virgin olive oil, farmers spend long hours of handpicking the healthy olives; an art known to Greeks since ancient times. In Alistos Hotel we have our own olive trees and we will happily make you masters of the art!

Bike Tours

We are at your full disposal to help find the ideal bike for you and suggest nearby daily excursions that will get you in touch with the mild-‘n-wild, full of aromas Peloponnesian nature.

Herb Harvesting

Picking wild flowers is an art and we’ll do our best to guide you among the vast variety of Mani’s flora and help you come home to Alistos Hotel with the most beautiful bouquet of your life!