Our History

The History Of Our Hotel

Our History

Welcome home! More than 3 centuries ago the Petropoulaki family chose to move in Rachi of Gythio, a small village standing at the top of the hill overlooking Taygetos mountain and the Laconic Gulf.

The renowned, powerful family contributed to every national war, including the famous 1821 revolution against the 400 years Turkish occupation of Greece.

Guardians of the history and inspired by their journeys all over the world, Dimitris and Vana Petropoulaki decided to open, on their beautiful land inherited from their ancestors, a traditional Peloponnese style Boutique Hotel with the purpose to share the Greek hospitality values and the treasures of Mani.

Alistos Hotel is an oasis of peace and freedom that offers a luxurious and friendly accommodation. It is the ultimate destination in Mani for business or leisure as every detail is designed to make your stay a wonderful, unforgettable experience.

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