Covid 19

COVID-19 Useful Info

Dear friends and guests of Alistos Hotel,

Alistos Hotel, hidden among the golden green of the olive groves of Mani Peninsula and just 4km from the picturesque port of Gythio, is the perfect destination for your holidays this summer.

Our hotel's architectures and our spacious common areas, effortlessly ensure the privacy of your stay and the required social distancing in order to feel and be safe and secure.

This summer, more than ever, Alistos Hotels' priority is the safety and health of its customers and personnel. For this reason, the management of the hotel, following the Health Protocols of the National Public Health Organization, shares with you the following information that will be useful to you from the moment of booking till the end of your stay with us.

Before arrival, until your departure :

  • Upon your reservation, kindly provide us with your complete personal information (home address, phone number & email adress) as required by the health protocol.
  • In order to avoid overcrowding in the reception area, please note that your arrival should take place from 15:00 and onwards and your departure until 11:00. The keys of your room are very carefully disinfected and delivered to you along with additional information, in an envelope, upon your arrival at our hotel.
  • Every time you enter the main building of Alistos Hotel we urge you to use the antiseptics that are placed at the different entrances and to maintain as far as possible the appropriate social distances from the other guests.
  • We kindly ask you to settle your bills with credit or debit cards, as well as to accept the receipt of your final invoice by email.


  • Before your arrival, we clean your room very meticulously according to the health protocol, giving special attention to high-risk objects such as doorknobs, switches, remote controls, etc.
  • The rooms are continuously naturally aired during the hours between different reservations and air conditioning filters are cleaned and disinfected after each departure.
  • Decorative items, directories, extra bed covers and pillows have also been removed.
  • The non-daily cleaning of your room during your stay as well as the non-daily change of linen and towels is a mandatory measure, according to the health protocols. For this reason, the staff of Alistos Hotel will enter your room every 3rd day of your stay, with all the necessary precautions. However, in case of need or if you wish for the daily provision of the cleaning service of your room, we kindly ask you to inform us upon check in.

Cleaning and disinfection of common areas:

  • All common areas are thoroughly cleaned and naturally aired multiple times a day.
  • High-risk items such as handles and switches are systematically disinfected.
  • It is recommended to avoid using the elevator. However, if necessary, please wait your turn to get on and avoid crowding the area given the social distancing requirements.
  • Our playroom, will remain closed for our little friends according to the health protocol and till further notice,
  • Common bathrooms, like all other areas of the hotel, are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day.


  • We created an “à la carte” breakfast for you!!!
  • Το protect the health of our guests and personnel, unfortunately our morning buffets will not take place this year. However, we have created a Breakfast List for you. Choose what you wish to taste from this list, drop it at Reception from the night before and we will serve you at the time requested, either in our restaurant (indoor and outdoor) or in your room.
  • Our restaurant is open daily for dinner from 19:00 to 22:00, offering a pre-determined but different dish every day. We will inform you every morning about the dish of the day. You can let us know until 13.00, if you wish to taste it and we will reserve a table for you at the time requested. Please kindly note that table reservation is required.
  • For reasons of hygiene, this summer, you will find paper sous-plat on the tables.
  • Our tables and chairs are disinfected after each use.
  • The areas of the restaurant, the bar as well as the kitchen, they are cleaned and disinfected on daily basis.

Staff hygiene:

  • Our warm smile cannot be hidden, this is the reason why we are wearing face shield masks and, where necessary, we make use of surgical masks and gloves.
  • We follow all new hygene and proactive health rules in order to avoid the transmission of any Covid-19 incident and we have been trained to recognize any symptoms of our guests.
  • We undergo body temperature checks just before our shift starts.
  • We are constantly getting updated about any changes in the health protocol in order to implement it immediately.

The Alistos Hotel family awaits to welcome you once again and meet your needs and desires without compromising social distancing.